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About us

Unidutch has over 20 years of experience in communication solutions and is the perfect partner to address your communication challenges. We provide communication experts in the areas of contact centers, enterprise communications, integrated communications and business process integration.

Our experts have experience in the full life cycle of designing, deploying, and managing integrated communication solutions and organizations, ranging from product management, professional services to engineering & operations.

Working from the Amsterdam area, the Unidutch resources have a proven track record and have shown "ability to execute" in large-scale, international- and complex implementations, working in multi-disciplinary teams across cultures, continents and companies.



The Contact Center world is changing rapidly with new communication channels being introduced on a regular basis. Market Demands drive the need to change the Contact Center into a Customer Experience Center. In addition social channels make the service level of the Contact Center public immediately, influencing the Customer perception dynamically.

Customers can get in contact using multiple channels, with the possibility to switch between channels at their convenience, making Customer Journey management a necessity. Managing the Contact Center requirements, Complex Contact Center environments and securing that the right Customer Experience is provided is challenging.

Unidutch is specialized in Contact Center Consulting services to assist both Customer Contact Center customers and Cloud Contact Center service providers in managing these challenges. See our skills section for details on the Contact Center Consulting skills available.

Unidutch accepts Contact Center Consulting assignments using three different models. Which model fits best, depends on the assignment and on your requirements.

ECO model

Unidutch supports customers with customer experience and corporate communications solutions. The 3 key domains Unidutch identifies, where customers require support, are the Solution, Vision and Execution domain. Unidutch provides support for these domains using the Evolve, Create and Orchestrate packages. The domains and how the packages provide support is visualized below:

Solution How is the solution used by customers and employees? What management is required for the solution and how should performance be monitored?
Vision How to handle customer experience and corporate communication solutions today. What operational, market, external and internal triggers are driving changes to the vision?
Execution What actions are necessary to implement the vision into changes to the current contact center and/or corporate communications solution.
Eco model
Evolve Evolve package capture the customers vision, define the roadmap, product backlog, select the vendor and plan product increments for execution
Create Create package assists customers with designing, building and activating the product increments
Orchestrate Orchestrate package assists customers in using, managing and inspecting their solution on a day to day bases in a continues delivery mode

Contact Center and Unified Communication Skills

Unidutch can provide Consulting services in various skills across the management, business and IT domain with expertise in several Contact Center technologies and vendors. Unidutch has a proven track record and the consultants have over 20 years of experience in the Contact Center Space.

Management skills

  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Business Development Manager

IT skills

  • Solution Architect
  • Solution Engineer
  • Technical Architect
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Solution Consultant
  • Service Development

Business skills

  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Reporting Analyst
  • Vendor Manager

Vendor specific skills

  • Cisco
  • Genesys
  • Microsoft

Technology skills

  • Channels
  • Application
  • Integration

Documentation skills

  • Design
  • Commercial
  • Product
  • Customer Journey
  • Translator/Editor


Unidutch resources have a proven track record in the contact center, communications and professional services workspace. Please scroll through the recent assignments performed by Unidutch resources.

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Technical project manager for a leading international Contact Center software provider

Providing technical project management and engineering management for a multinational team of engineers that were supporting a German Integrator with deploying a contact center implementation for a German mobile operator. The main activities focused on:

  • Be the technical SPOC for the integrator and the client
  • Review and assess test results from the User Acceptance Testing that were logged and tracked using a Quality Center tool
  • Assign the daily activities for the engineers of the leading international Contact Center software provider
  • Assist and advise the program manager on planning and resourcing
  • Follow up with 3rd level engineering on issues discovered during testing
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International support & delivery consultant for a European communication solution provider

Acting as main support and delivery contact for international partners, resellers and customers. Focused on:

  • Service delivery and implementation
  • 1st & 2nd line support
  • Service development
  • Processes & procedures
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Project manager Benelux & DACH for a leading international Contact Center software provider

Providing project management supporting multiple customers and integrators deploying contact center solutions in the Benelux market. The main activities focused on:

  • Commercial activities including: Bid support, SOW creation, Business cases & justification, Order handling 3rd party subs
  • Project management including: Communication with the integrator and end customer, Planning, Documentation, Resource management, Escalation handling
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Commercial product manager voice services

Interim commercial product manager contact center and voice services for a Dutch and European cable operator in Amsterdam. The services are based on Cisco UC, Nortel and open source technology. The main activities focused on:

  • Product management for: 0800/0900 services, hosted IVR services, (VOIP) Voice services
  • Service development for the fore mentioned services
  • Bid management support
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Service engineering & architecture consultant

Service engineering & architecture consultant on a global contact center platform, for a large international US based software-company. The solution is mainly based on Cisco UC technology integrated with multiple ACD platforms and IVR’s. The main activities focused on solution design and support for:

  • Controlled introduction of new/upgraded functionality on a global contact center platform
  • Testing proof of concepts in a lab environment
  • Provide platform specific design-documentation on installation-overviews, configurations, logical call-flows and hardware/software upgrade-procedures
  • Support on operational engineering issues
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PS Consultant for a leading international Contact Center software provider

Professional services consultant responsible for supporting a French integrator with the implementation, configuration and functionality testing of the Customer Interaction Portal Solution for contact centers of several French corporate customers. The main activities focused on:

  • Provide on-site engineering presence at the integrators office
  • Trouble shoot issues with the integration of the solution with other 3rd party components
  • Providing architectural recommendations to the integrator
  • Assist the 3rd level engineering with prioritization of fixes and additional functionality
  • Interpretation and mapping of the existing routing into GCIP call flows
  • Building and testing of the call flows into the Customer Interaction Portal


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